FREE Web Visitors Monitoring & Ad Tracking




   Let us track your entire Sales Process, from top to

   bottom... the moment customers click on your ad,

   visit your site and push the order button - no stones

   are left unturned...


FAIR WARNING: If you sell anything online, if you spend money on web marketing and advertising, this is no longer an option. It's critical to your bottom line, period!


Right now you're probably wasting about half of your advertising dollars. The secret is to figure out which half. Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily and accurately pinpoint the profitable half, and SAVE hundreds, even thousands of dollars in expensive marketing mistakes?

  • Pinpoint the exact Web Site Path taken by your buyers before they push the order button. Which pages they visited, in what sequence, etc.

  • Find out exactly which Ads are responsible for all your Sales, Newsletter sign-up, Downloads, Affiliate sign-up, etc.

  • Track the number of people that actually opened and read your Newsletter?

  • Discover which Ad Campaign generates the most Visitors, Leads, "Buying" Customers, Actions, Signups, Subscribers, Downloads, Inquiries, etc

  • Pinpoint which Advertising medium (Search Engines, Ezine Ads, Banner Ads, Articles, etc) are bringing in the most Clicks for you, and most importantly, which are raking in the most Sales for you.

  • Identify the most popular Web Site Paths taken by your visitors when they surf through your site

  • Find out the number of Unique Visitors and the amount of Sales generated by each of your Ads (Not just clicks)

  • Pinpoint which major Search Engines are generating traffic to your site and exactly what Keywords/Phrases users enter to find your site

  • Identify which web sites are referring visitors to you and who refer the most

  • Discover the most Profitable Location (site A, site B, ezine c, search engine A, auction D, etc) to place your Ads

  • Find out exactly which Ad Copies has the highest Clickthroughs and Click-to-Sales ratio

  • Show you the Return On Investment (ROI) for each of your ads and campaigns

  • Uncover which Ads are raking in the most profit, and which ads are just barely scraping by... or even worse, loosing money

  • Uncover whether your Free Advertising methods are still worth your time and effort


Track anything, anytime, anywhere!

If you use any of the advertising methods below, or are even thinking about using them, We will completely take the guesswork out of everything... and help you turbo-charge your sales!

• Search Engines • Banner Ads • Articles • Affiliate/Reseller Links • Autoresponder Series • Pay-Per-Click Listing• Ezine Ads • Classified Ads • Press Releases • Free Demo Product • Opt-in Solo Mailings • Signature Files • Viral eBooks • Free Downloads • Reciprocal Links • Pop-up/Pop-under Ads • Joint Ventures • Resource Box • Discussion Forums • Newsgroup Postings • FFA Links • Internal Web Site Links • Bulletin Boards • etc.


Web based and Real-Time Reports 24 Hours a Day!
Tracks, measures & monitors UNLIMITED campaigns, web pages & links
Tracks all Sales as well as Actions
Built In Split Run Tester
Easily Integrated into all dynamic web pages like CGI, PHP, and ASP
All web based. NO software or hardware to download and install.
Password protected Control Panel
Centralized Campaign Reports
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

No matter what business you're in, 2ClickHere's highly sophisticated "surveillance" system automatically monitors your web site and marketing campaign 24 hours a day, tracking everything imaginable, providing you with critical information you need to revitalize your profits, strengthen the weak areas of your sales process and ensures you get the most bang for your advertising buck.





ORDER NOW! There's absolutely NO RISK! 

We are so sure that you will be pleased with our service that we're backing it with an unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!




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