Setting Up Email Accounts in Outlook


Setting Up Additional Accounts in Outlook & Outlook Express

This tutorial may be useful when setting up additional accounts in Outlook Express.

For New accounts follow these steps:

  1. In the Main Menu, select Tools and then Accounts


  1. Click the Mail tab and select Add and then select Mail

  1. You will then proceed to the Internet Connection Wizard where you will need to follow the steps as shown below. (Replacing the examples provided with your information) Remember to click Next after following each step.

Tip: Replace "yourdomain.tld" with your actual domain name such as


NOTE: You must use pop.yourdomain.tld for the Incoming mail (POP3) server, and mail.yourdomain.tld for outgoing mail smtp server.

Tip: Replace "yourdomain.tld" with your actual domain name such as


  1. After clicking Finish, Outlook will automatically check the mailbox that you've just added and supply you with any errors if you've entered information that is incorrect.  Assuming that you've entered the correct information and there's mail in the account you've just added, your messages will automatically download. You will now need to go back and setup smtp authorization. To do this go to the Tools menu, click on Accounts, and select Mail.


  1. To setup SMTP Authorization, click on the email account from the Mail tab, and click the properties button.


  1. Select the Servers tab, and place a check in the box titled "My server requires authentication"
  1. Click the "Apply" button, then the "OK" button, and close out the remaining windows.

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